Disney Streaming Serivces (DSS)

I was hired at DSS to build a react / redux / saga application to help them manage and debug ad-insersion.

Disney hosts video streams for many of their online streaming properties including ESPN, NHL and MLB. These streams have ad-breaks and those adverts are targeted. Disney wanted an application to help their partners debug and control these adverts.

This application was build using react / redux and sagas, and was hosted by a node layer which also functioned as an auth gateway.

Tech stack

  • API / Gateway
    • Node
    • Koa
    • Sequelize
    • Passport (saml)
    • axios
    • Docker
  • SPA
    • React
    • Redux
    • Saga
    • React-redux-router
    • ChartJS
    • axios
    • Docker

Technical responsibilites included, SSO integration, feature development, architecture decision making, day-to-day refactoring etc. I lead the webUI team and spent a lot of my time in both the react frontend and the Node layer.

Sample UML

System screenshots