Grant UK iOS App

Grant UK wanted to allow boiler engineers to gain access to all of the manuals available for their product range. This content needed to be accessible offline and in a portable medium.

I built a native iOS app in Swift which stores the PDF’s in a simple categorised tree view. I also added the ability to search for manuals to enable quick access to desired content. Once a manual has been found, it was passed to a WebView which used PDF.js to render the manual and provider in page search and PDF linking.

App stats

  • This project was delivered within 4 weeks.
  • It went live October 16th 2015
  • There have been over 400 installations
  • Since launch there has only been 3 reported crashed


I really enjoyed this project, Swift is a lovely language to use and I hope I get to use it more in the future; and building for iOS feels significantly more stable than building for the browser.