Setup update

Let’s cut to the chase. I’m all in on Linux for my daily driver. I no longer use nor need macOS. ThinkPad and Manjaro i3 is my thing and I love it. It’s an utter joy to use and beats any OS / WM combination I’ve ever used. It makes macOS feel cumbersome and inefficient.

I settled on the ThinkPad after running Manjaro on an Alienware. I needed a laptop that I could work and play on, and I thought the 13 R3 was that laptop, but the compromise in size, weight and battery was too great.

Now I run a T480s with 16GB RAM and i78650 proV. it’s beautiful, slim, light and the battery lasts hours (6 - 10).

But what about gaming?? Well I dual boot into windows and attach an eGPU and boom! Playing BFV on max settings smooth as butter.

What’s better yet is that I shoved that thunderbolt eGPU in whilst booting Manjaro and WTF, it just worked!

My only issue was that I wanted an ultra portable sofa surfer where I can edit images, type notes and do bits of ssh’ing… enter , iPad Pro! Feels like I’m trending towards a perfect setup here!