I have a very 1st world problem

I can’t settle on a setup. Currently I use a Macbook Pro running Ubuntu, and all in all I’m pretty happy with it. My issues are as follows:

  • 15” is too big
  • the thing gets really hot
  • really really hot
  • as a byproduct of the heat, the fans are really noisy

I see other devs on these nice, nimble little Intel core m machines that have no fans and I’m drawn to them. The bliss of no fan, the very real possibility of coding in bed. All of this is very much a win for me. However I have 1 issue, these machines are upwards of £700 and have a very real possibility of being too underpowered for my needs. Often I’m running a VM with vagrant, along with watchers and build processes which start to stress out my quad core i5, never mind a dual core 1.2 GHz core m.

I thought I could satisfy the bed code requirement with an iPad, raspberry pi and VNC. Alas, either I am too lazy or having all of my various projects over 3 devices (I use a desktop too) is getting a bit much. I love git, but sometimes I just forget to push my branches.

So as I said, a very 1st world problem, but a problem nonetheless.

My current options are:

  • do nothing (unlikely)
  • just get an Intel m machine, it’ll be fine
  • get a surface style machine with a real processor but with fans in the lid

Stay tuned, a decision is pending…

So, I bought the Surface Book. Installed Ubuntu on it. And hated every minute of it. The machine looks amazing but ubuntu is really rough on it and Windows was even worse. So I’ve defaulted to the new MacBook, and after 3 months I think it’s the best mac yet. Beats my old MacBook Air as the most portable, performant balance.